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I....I GOT #1

2008-03-17 21:22:04 by RadioactiveRhino

At least for Today, Tokyo Blues was #1 in Jazz with a score of 4.50. Wish I knew how to screen capture... :(


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2008-03-17 21:23:04

Prnt Scrn button

RadioactiveRhino responds:

....I have it. I don't know where it prints TO.


2008-03-17 21:49:43

I think I had a 10 second jazz loop get to #1, but then it dropped down because 10 seconds isn't worth it, and it only had a few votes.
My new one's at #7 at the moment, but I don't have the equipment/skills to record my own jazz...
Maybe I could write a backing track for you to jam to?

RadioactiveRhino responds:

I'm game.


2008-03-19 01:46:46

Screen cap, open Paint (or any other image program), and Paste. Bam, now just save it.

Congrats by the way.

RadioactiveRhino responds:

Aw, I lost the cap...
...and no I'm on third page <,<