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2008-10-19 18:46:42 by RadioactiveRhino

Hey everyone who reads things like this. I just wanted to say that I finally got my account back up and running after having the house burn down, moving, and all that fun stuff. I might submit to the NGAP soon, but I will definitly be leaving some reviews.

For the record, I'm still around for any saxophone requests.

See you guys around the town (or interwebz)

What is after 15?

2008-04-01 20:46:35 by RadioactiveRhino

Level 16!
Squeee! ^^

I....I GOT #1

2008-03-17 21:22:04 by RadioactiveRhino

At least for Today, Tokyo Blues was #1 in Jazz with a score of 4.50. Wish I knew how to screen capture... :(

I got zero bombed. Twice. Hurts when you have under 20 votes :(

#4 in Jazz! and I only voted on it once!

2008-03-09 19:39:43 by RadioactiveRhino

I'd like to thank two people!
Rig for being my bestest internet friend, and making me buy a mike in the first place...
Myself, for recording the song

OMTG! Tokyo Blues is in the Top 50 of Jazz!

2008-03-06 00:25:24 by RadioactiveRhino

I'm so happy, I love you all!

Loveblimp, thank you! song...

2008-03-04 15:41:56 by RadioactiveRhino

Was playing sax, having fun. Turned out my mic was on XD /128318

Just curious. I know some are read, but was wondering if mine were. If you stumble in on this, please, let your presence be known!